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Our Vision

WealthPlan’s vision is to provide infrastructure, advice and concierge support to free-thinking professionals as they build client-focused, holistic financial planning practices.

Affiliation Options

Reinforced by a culture of independence, you have the freedom to build equity through your brand or ours. Whether you want to run a fully independent practice or rely on us for more integrated services, we provide the infrastructure to help manage, regulate and grow your practice. We are here to support you every step of the way.


  • Full benefits packages available for both you and your staff
  • Annualized commissions (up to $10,000 per case)
  • Non-Captive


  • Excludes benefits and annualization

Whether Integrated or Fully Independent, you will have the flexibility and creative solutions to help you succeed. Here are some other benefits and resources available to all of our registered affiliates:

  • Leading independent broker-dealer affiliation with Lincoln Financial Securities
  • Competitive payout options based on production and affiliation
  • Freedom to recommend products from a plethora of highly rated and recognized companies
  • Choose to work from your own office location or one of our already established branches
  • Premier Partner – Rewards and recognition
  • Variety of resources are available including financial planning, case design, marketing, practice management, compliance, proprietary software and technology (some resources may be limited depending on affiliation)


In addition to being a General Agency for Lincoln Financial Group, WealthPlan Financial also serves as an independent insurance agency with access to all major carriers. This means you have the freedom to offer the product that best meets your client’s needs while still having access to exclusive benefit opportunities, including:

  • PPO & High Deductible comprehensive health insurance options
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • FICA Match
  • 401(k) access with 50% match up to 6%

Practice Management

Targeted practice management programs and support can help you operate and grow even more efficiently and effectively. The good news is you don’t need to be a specialist in all facets of managing your practice.  Things we can help you with include:

  • Coaching and strategic business planning service
  • Business succession and continuity planning
  • Compliance consulting
  • Workforce consulting
  • Staffing strategies and training
  • In-house concierge financial planning service


Choose to leverage the WealthPlan brand or your own.  Either way, our team can provide support to enhance your success and market your practice with the flexibility and personalization you need.

Draw on our deep wealth of marketing resources and tools to help you:

  • Generate lead opportunities through strategic market access programs including alliances with CPAs, Banks and P&C agencies
  • Develop or enhance your own unique brand
  • Attract and retain clients
  • Set yourself apart from the competition
  • Conduct market research to identify new growth opportunities
  • Develop or maintain a presence in your community
  • Position yourself as an industry specialist

Development & Training

We believe that learning is a life-long activity that will benefit you and your clients. From virtual training and continuing education opportunities, to exclusive seminars that provide opportunities for one-on-one interaction with top advisors, a robust financial advisor training program is available that fits different life and learning styles.

If you value face-to-face interaction with faculty and networking with your peers, we have access to a full calendar of financial advisor training and continuing education meetings. Video and virtual training conferences can help meet you and your staff’s needs without leaving the office.

Here are some professional development programs and opportunities available to you:

  • LFS Virtual University is available 24/7 to access education and training when you want it
  • Recognition and business development programs hosted in national and international destinations
  • National, regional and local business-building conferences


Once you’ve made the decision to join WealthPlan Financial, you won’t be on your own. You’ll benefit from the knowledge, resources and unwavering support of our team as well as the broker-dealer’s (subject to production requirements). A dedicated transition consultant will guide you through each phase of the onboarding process, from beginning to end, making sure your successful practice continues running smoothly. Here’s what you can expect during the transition process.

Pre-transition Planning Phase

30-45 days prior to transition – We’ll take the time to learn about your business (including your staffing and training needs) and create a customized transition plan. Your personal transition consultant can answer your initial questions and provide training on transferring your client accounts and using our state-of-the-art technology.

Transition Phase

Days 1– 45 of transition – Your dedicated transition consultant will facilitate re-appointment for carriers and monitor the status of client account transfers. Specialists will be assigned to you for support with key transition needs, including registration, investment advisor products and services, administrative support, and business practice needs.

Post-transition Phase

Days 45–90 of transition – Your transition consultant will also work with you to ensure your client accounts have transferred, and introduce you to our available resources, such as marketing, financial planning, practice management and continuing education opportunities. When the transition process ends, you’ll have a complete support network ready at your fingertips.


In an industry that’s constantly growing and changing, access to the right technological resources is vital to your success as an advisor.  You’ll have access to the latest technology, with the ability to pick and choose what best complements your business including:

  • Client Relationship Management systems
  • Integrated financial planning software
  • Remote check deposit
  • Dictation services
  • Online account transfers
  • Investment proposal systems and reporting
  • Mobile access
  • Account aggregation
  • Technology services
  • Electronic form population

Go Independent

Are you an entrepreneur with a desire to control your own business and destiny?  WealthPlan Financial is a champion of independence.  We know that long-term success depends on our relationships and reputation.  Our financial professionals have the freedom and motivation to always act in the best interests of their clients.


Do you want what is best for your clients? Successful advisors know how to gain the trust of their clients and their communities.  Our financial advisors, not only seek financial gain for themselves, but seek to enhance the quality of life for those whom they serve.


Do you have the desire to share and collaborate knowledge with others? Our advisors are extremely knowledgeable of industry trends, products, and innovations. They are eager to use all of the intellectual resources available to help their clients achieve financial success. Our advisors continue to educate themselves on industry processes and best practices.


Do you have an interest in integrating daily practices with industry leading technology?  Our advisors have access to the best technology available provided by Lincoln Financial Securities, and National Financial Services.  For more information, please see the Technology [Link to Technology Page] portion of our website.

For the first step toward independence, submit a confidential, preliminary application today.