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Richard F. Bett, CRPC

Financial Advisor, Lincoln Financial Securities
Office: (704) 357-1099

In today’s world, clients demand a high level of knowledge from their advisors and want someone who will help them define a road map to retirement, enabling them to focus on their pre-and post-retirement needs, as well as issues related to asset management, estate planning and equalization. Evaluating a client’s needs for today, tomorrow and the years ahead.

Richard has been in financial services for 20 years, dedicating his time to helping business owners and families make good decisions with their money. His philosophy:  Life is short and our fortunes are uncertain, we should be all the more diligent in what we do with our lives. We should act with foresight, giving responsible attention to our homes, family and businesses. Thinking ahead is a duty, not an option.

Richard has been a Y Readers and CMS North Star volunteer for several years helping second and third graders develop proficient literacy skills and much needed confidence with the ultimate goal to inspire students to develop a love of reading and to open up their minds to diverse thoughts, ideas, and worlds.

Richard is a member of Rotary International and is the 2019-2020 Club President of Rotary Club of Charlotte South. Rotary provides service to others, promotes integrity, and seeks to advance world understanding, goodwill, and peace through our fellowship of business, professional and community leaders.