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Cheryl Zudell, ChFC®

Financial Planner

Cheryl is the founder of Sage Wealth Partners, a Chartered Financial Consultant® designee, and one of our primary financial advisors. She is passionate about the financial industry and providing the knowledge, experience, and support her clients need to reach their goals. She is an advisor and has a personal commitment to put clients first.

Cheryl attended Fisk University, where she received her Bachelor’s degree in Economics. Post-graduation, she began working in a supervisory capacity in the banking industry, where she spent more than a decade learning about the world of finance. Her experience in the industry helped her realize that she could be having a more meaningful impact on people’s lives and financial futures by working with them one on one. So in 2003, she made the decision to pursue a career as a financial advisor.

As a financial advisor, Cheryl uses her 17 years of financial planning and decades of banking experience to help her clients succeed. She’s worked with a wide variety of clients, handling investments of all types and portfolios of varying sizes. Her in-depth knowledge and continuing education of the financial industry helps her find creative solutions to complex problems, and new routes for her clients to pursue their goals.

Cheryl primarily partners with our clients who are retired or nearing this milestone, helping them navigate the complexities of retirement planning, income distribution, tax strategies, and estate planning. To her clients, she is a constant professional resource and a coach to help them move towards their financial goals.

Originally from Virginia, Cheryl now resides in Washington with her husband a retired Coast Guard officer. They have four children and five grandsons. She loves spending time with her family and friends, the outdoors, and you’ll often see her out running and hiking. When she’s ready to wind down, she enjoys doing yoga, and reading a good book.