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Plan for life during and after your career

As a professional athlete, you realize the obvious importance of strategizing for the future by setting goals and then working toward them. However, in the ever-changing financial and tax landscape, making the most appropriate decisions isn’t nearly as obvious.

Focus on the Game Plan 

Our Business Model Includes Delivering to you:

  • A dedicated, knowledgeable and experienced team of industry professionals
  • Career Transition Planning
  • A review of your specific goals, current financial position and available resources
  • Cutting-edge retirement planning tools
  • Sound financial strategies to fit your individual needs
  • Ongoing assessments and guidance that consider potential family, career and legislative developments
  • Risk management/Protection planning
  • Asset allocation and diversification* with a goal of tax minimization
  • Retirement, charitable giving, education funding and estate conservation strategies
  • Collaboration with your tax and legal advisors

*Asset allocation and diversification strategies cannot assure a profit or protect against a loss.

National Football League Players Association

The National Football League Players Association (NFLPA) has begun a new program governing the access of financial planners to NFL players. The Financial Advisors Program, the first of its kind in professional sports, was created by the NFLPA to protect NFL players from financial fraud and abuse. This program provides NFL players with access to a diverse group of qualified, pre-selected financial advisors. Carl S. Myers is a registered participant in this program and has been authorized by the NFLPA to act as a Registered Player Financial Planner; as such can offer financial advice and services to NFL players.

As a Registered Player Financial Advisor with the NFLPA, Carl S. Myers can help professional football players prepare for financial security beyond peak earning years.